Administrative Staff

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Administrative Staff

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Corrie Greathouse-Sloan – Founder, President

Corrie Greathouse-Sloan is the Founder and President of Life Uncommon.  She has served as Executive Director for 3 years at another Los Angeles based treatment program that she created and has helped hundreds of clients in that time. Corrie is well versed in what it takes to create and sustain a clinically sound and patient care-driven facility.  Her passion for helping addicts and alcoholics stay clean and sober and her own work in recovery has inspired Corrie to provide clients at Life Uncommon with something many treatment programs do not: the confidence, motivation, and follow-through to become self-sustaining, active members of society, while actively participating in their own recovery.

Corrie’s inherent skills include problem-solving, creativity, thoroughness, and tact, which allows her success personally and professionally.  She is a published writer, has received awards from the City of Los Angeles for her volunteer work. She lives with her husband and two sweet dogs and spends her free time reading and running marathons. “If it’s not challenging, it’s not worth it.” Her top 5 strengths are: Strategic, Individualization, Achiever, Learner, and Responsibility.

Life Uncommon’s primary purpose and mission is to help those who have already achieved abstinence to transition from Successfully Sober to Sober and Successful™