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Our Programs

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Life Uncommon is a comprehensive outpatient treatment program providing treatment to adult men and women. Outpatient programs provide patients with more freedom of movement which allows them to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and educational responsibilities.  Life Uncommon has created a unique and individualized Outpatient Curriculum differentiating and addressing the specific needs of the clients they serve. This curriculum differs from the ordinary Intensive Outpatient Curriculum and specializes in second stage recovery-focused assistance. This outpatient program is specific to individuals who are ready to return to work, school or other responsibilities and/or do not require a higher level of care. Statistics have shown the longer a recovering person stays in treatment the better the chance of long-term sobriety.

The Life Uncommon Outpatient Program

Transitioning from Successfully Sober to Sober and Successful

Our program was created and dedicated for individuals in recovery, who have achieved abstinence and are seeking a program designed to better the quality of their lives and help set and obtain life-long goals. We believe that through discovering each individual’s innate strengths and talents, we are better able to teach, process, and focus on helping them understand, apply and integrate these strengths into their lives and work while maintaining a sober and productive lifestyle.

While sobriety is the primary responsibility for each individual in recovery, we’ve designed a program that takes this sober life to the next level. “At some point, not drinking and not using is not enough…”



Outpatient Program

  • Individualized Treatment Plan For Each Client With Lifelong Recovery As The Primary Objective
  • Comprehensive Strengths Assessment
  • Individual Case Management
  • Individual Therapy
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
  • Resumé Building Assistance
  • Employment Search Support
  • Life-skills Focused
  • Credit Repair and Financial Building Skills
  • Referrals for Affordable Clean and Sober Living Environments
  • Day and Evening Programs Available

Strengths Over Struggle Program
Life Uncommon recognizes the efficacy for recovering individuals increases when given an opportunity to address and define their strengths, as opposed to just identifying weaknesses. Quality of life has been proven to improve when clients are taught tools and techniques to develop natural talents into strengths.

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